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MAR Apr 2006
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Submitted by Lise (06/10/02)
Human Remains
A movie-poster shot of the cast done by Lise. She claims to have messed it all up upon coloring it, but it looks good to me! I really dig the texturing on the Dragon Boy and his brother, SO CLICK AND CHECK IT OUT.

Submitted by Lise (06/10/02)
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A much more talent-revealing drawing of the Dragon Boy, with his tail tucked in to GOD knows where... oh, jeezus, I don't even want to think about it. Anyhow, a fine drawrin', give it a clicky.

Submitted by Ryan (02/20/02)
Super Monkey
Holy toledo guys, this is phat phan art. I'm not kidding. It qz0wnz j00. Its the entire cast! No one's tackled this before! Revere it, readers! REVERE IT!

Submitted by Rob (02/20/02)
My collegiate Rob drew this up for me, and its been hangin' on my dormroom wall for a month now. Its a bit bigger than my scanner, so some of it got cut off, but you can still go and appreciate the penciling! Beautiful!

Submitted by Mouko (01/18/02)
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The moment we've all feared... the Dragon Boy harnessing the power of the Schpoon! Very inspiring, perhaps this fanart will allude to a future adventure... an adventure of a lifetime!

Submitted by Bunny (10/28/01)
One Hour Axis
Fantastic! Its the Dragon Boy singing and pointing, as only he really can! I like the fleshtone-to-green gradient on the face and neck, and the wonderful coloring job in general. Thanks muchly!

Submitted by Ryan (10/20/01)
Super Monkey
This is a thoroughly amusing piece by Ryan. It was quite a welcome surprise, cuz it came from out of the blue from a random person. Most of the things on this page have been from real-life personal friends, and I know if they're coming, but this one snuck up on me like a sponge-footed ninja.

Submitted by Chris the Gillikin (10/19/01)
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A colored pencil work that I had to scan in myself *grumble grumble* Thats what I get for having real live fans, instead of just random web entities that may or may not exist as I know them. In any case, thanks! I guess I can give the sketchbook I scanned this from back.

Submitted by Red|Jack (8/1/01)
Hmm, seems everyone draws the Dragon Boy in a fashion that makes him cooler than he really is. Or maybe I'm not cool enough to draw him cool. Art is a reflection of the inner self, maybe? Anyway, this is some phat-tastic line art of Dragon Boy participating in some Tribes Capture the Flag, and you'd be a fool to not have a closer look.

Submitted by O-Lan (7/30/01)
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There's some stuff in this pic you gotta see! Look at the folds in the leather armor! They're superb! And the coloring job is fantastic as well! This is beautiful soup, my friends. And one must truly admire the insertion of the Dragon Boy into a post-apocalyptic setting. Thanks!

Submitted by Tiffany Ross (5/9/01)
The Cyantia Chronicles
Wow, my very first fan art! And it even came with a critique on how I could make my strip better! The inking here is very nice, its always fun to see other's interpretations of characters.


Submitted to Howard Tayler
Schlock Mercenary
Wow, my very first fan art for someone else! This is my scan, Mr. Tayler has another scan he made of the original image, and that drawing is in his possession forever, as a token of my gratitude that his link gave me 6000 hits in a day. Anyway, you can see the pencil shading in his much better. Go there and check it out sometime.

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