Freakish Protagonist-

The Dragon Boy is the hero of our stories. He's just yer typical adolescent nearing adulthood, going through the crap that said adolescents go through. The thing is, he has fun wings and silly feet, and even a little wiggly tail! But here's the gimmick; no one else in the stories really cares that he's half dragon! They don't think anything of it! Sweet Jeezus, that's funny and clever! Anyway, the Dragon Boy has quite a bit of power at his disposal, but he's pretty easy-going, so the villagers can sleep at night, knowing their sheep won't be slaughtered. At least, not all at once.

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Herculean Sibling-

The Dragon Boy's brother is like a bear. He is large and strong, but also cuddly. Also, he scavenges the forests looking for berries and roots. Well, that's not true. He spends his days playing video games and hangin' at the mall, yet his strength and muscle volume suggests that he lifts cars in his free time. This is not so.

He is often dragged into his brother's bizarre adventures and antics, often with no way out. Clearly his mental strength is also developed, as he has not been driven mad yet.

Imperturbable Luminary-

Xing, pronounced SHING, like as in shoe or shebang, (thanks to Wei-Hwa for the pronunciation) is incredibly wise for his age. He is familiar with many of the philosophical masters throughout history, and because of his vast knowledge of quotations, he has developed a demeanor that is unshakably cool and collected. The Dragon Boy, Xing's best friend, often times tries to startle Xing, but often times fails miserably. Xing is just too cool for him. Xing could sure use a date.

Passionate Crony-

Grekka grew up with the Dragon Boy, and as a result is unaffected by his incredible charm and wit. The two have weaved in and out of relationships, the most recent one having ended when the Dragon Boy refused to give Grekka's Easy Bake Oven back in sixth grade. Since then they've been the epitome of platonic friends, and they're both much more content that way. Besides, she's way too cute for the Dragon Boy. She can do much better.
Her love for old-timey music remains a secret from everyone.

Inexplicable Liaisons-

Zesto and Al act as a form of in-comic communication between me, the cartoonist, and you, the beloved reader, since the Dragon Boy and his buddies aren't aware their antics are being monitored and displayed for entertainment on the Web. They'd prob'ly be real pissed!

Zesto has orange fur and wears blue sneakers. Al is a frog with a baseball hat, but he doesn't talk, cuz frogs can't talk, silly.

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