Web Comics

Schlock Mercenary - (Daily) Hilarious strip backed up with sound scientific facts and principles. Don't be fooled by the simplistic art, this comic is golden.
1/0 - (Daily) Bizarre philosophic comic starring atomic particles, an eyeball, an earthworm, and tiny golems. One of my favorites.
Angst Technology - (Daily) A very popular strip about a game software company.
The Cyantian Chronicles - (Daily) A bunch of furry strips by the same artist. Very nice inking and style.
Sluggy Freelance - (Daily) One of the longest-running and greatest web comics of all time. I'm afraid you'll just have to take a few days of your life and go through the massive archives. Go. Now. Immediately.
Krazy Larry - (M-F) Gorgeously drawn strip about an insane green cat.
RPG World - (W,F,Su) A comic about the characters inside a console Role Playing Game. One of the finest strips on the web.
Polymer City - (M,W,F) Popular strip about aliens, breasts, and video games.
Mac Hall - (Tu,Th,Su) One of the most beautiful strips on the web. Lots of fun if you're in college, though fun for all ages. I guess they have a Macintosh bias, but oh well, I for one can look past these things. CUZ THIS STRIP ROCKS.
Wizztards - (W, Sa) A phun strip of robots, catgirls, demon-fighters, and prehensile wangs.
Naughty Labs - (MF) Beautifully drawn robot babes, and I think Raincoat Jones is finally updating them regularly. Well, no he's not, but its fun anyway.
Shmanko of Antlantis- (a few times a week) Run by a personal friend of mine. Join a student and his wacky ant-humanoid as they tackle the problems of the universe!
Zebra Girl - (I'm not sure when its updated, once a week usually) Oh my sweet Jeezus, I love this strip. Funtastic art, great dark humor, a human-mythic beast hybrid, all narrated and drawn by an anthropomorphic animal character! Sound familiar? WELL I ONLY FOUND THIS STRIP RECENTLY SO LEAVE ME ALONE. His came first, and so I am ashamed.
Zeera the Space Pirate - (W) A witty Australian strip that is fun for the senses.
Cigarro & Cerveja - (once a weekish) A friggin' gorgeous and hilarious strip that reminds me muchly of Steve Purcell's Sam & Max. The expressions drawn are sheer genius, and put mine to shame.
Ghost Hunters - (once a weekish) A very pretty manga about ghosts and legends and swords and whatnot. Very beautiful to look at.
Belfry Comics - The Web Hub of all things Furry, including thousands upon thousands of anthropomorphized animal comic strips.


Blambot! - Free comic strip fonts for indie comics like mine and yours!
Dictionary.com - The ultimate in english language resources. You'll never need seem like an idiot again!
ICQ - Download the world's most popular communications program.
AOL - In general, an evil place, but they do have IM for download, which absolves them from many of their sins.

Other Divertissements

Sperts.net - My brother and good friends run this sports humor site... I'm not a big sports guy, but the stuff is still quite funny, and I visit all the time! You'll like it regardless of your IQ as well!
Swedish Chef Site -A site for one of the best Muppets ever, with video clips even!
Tenacious D has some arse-kickin' videos. Go watch 'em, they are hi-larious.
Homestarrunner.com is a kickety-ass flash site with fun toons up the wazoo. Go watch and enjoy, I'm not kidding around here.
Hoogerbrugge.com- This guy is a Flash God and creative genius. A great time-killer and website to explore. Bizarre stuff.
Plymptoons- The website of one of my biggest inspirations, Bill Plympton.
- Home of Genryu's Blade, the coolest Flash animation ever.
Hatten Ar Din- I can't explain it... cuz I don't know what it is.
Hotwired Animation Express- Where all sorts of animation across the Web come together to create a sum that is comprised of parts.
David Lee's Homepage- A site with featuring really gorgeous drawings. I really think you should stop stalling and go look. You know you want to.
Utsav.com- A byootiful flash site done and run by a friend of mine. It is the most soothing place on the whole wide Web.
Color Quiz- I personally think its the most accurate personality test out there... if you're a visual person. I mean, its still just an internet quiz, its not perfect, but its the best out there.
Yatta! -The greatest music video ever by the japanese group Happatai. If you haven't seen this, you haven't really lived.
Duck & Cover - A Fallout fan site, everything you need and more regarding that game.
Invader Zim - Bizarre TV show on Nickelodeon by Jhonen Vasquez. Check it out.

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