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- a sketch of the orichalcum smashfist Hailraider

MAR Apr 2006
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(2004.02.15) Here is the full wallpaper sized version of the commission I did of the jumping swordsman Crowe. I utilized a drawing of a soccer player leaping through the air, and made it sweeeet.
(2003.06.11) This is Stiletto Anyway, a character from the essentially unknown Eidos console-style RPG Anachronox. I based the pose and smile and everything on a photo of some Vegas showgirl I found on a forum. The showgirl was not wearing a shirt. Stiletto is. Hope everyone can handle that. I know I can. And I have. Handled it, that is. Filler filler filler.
(2003.01.06) Here's a 1024x768 wallpaper for you kids of a Ki Devil and Nightstalker from Mage Knight. They are friends, it seems. Or at least, they will defend each other. It's the first time in a long time I shaded in Photoshop, but I think it looks alright. The background is just a simple altered public domain photo of an Alaskan tundra area.
(2002.06.10) Well, this wallpaper I made probably has very limited appeal, as it was made for a very specific audience... ME. And my girlfriend, who is the subject of it. She has a gecko atop her head. It doesn't make sense to anyone but us. Tee-hee! Inside secrets! 1024x768, if you're interested.
(2002.06.01) A commission from the Geisert 8 Band, a most triumphant conglomeration of musical talent! I got to draw 'em, and then color 'em, and it was very very fun. They're a wacky bunch of guys, to be sure! Like what you see? E-mail me and demand that I accept your money in exchange for my art! I can even cater to tastes! Your tastes even, if need be!
(2002.01.01) A drawing I did for a friend of mine. Its.. uh.. well... pretty darn spooky. Sometimes I feel that they shouldn't have let me out of the Oubliette. That guy looks like Dragon Boy without the dragon bits... well, if you take the dragon bits away, you get me, basically. I've been found out.
(2002.01.01) This is a Flash cartoon I made back my junior year of high school. I think this took around 24 hours, and its pretty darn wacky. Hope you kids have the Flash plug-in.
(2002.01.01) This work, entitled the SECRET PROJECT, was a group portrait I made for my friends at school. Took around 20 hours, I think, and I'm very proud of it. Its one of the few works I've done in awhile that I was passionately driven about doing... it felt great.
(2001.10.22) What we have here is a bit of art I did during some lectures in school. That's right, I'm paying big tuition to make phatty Fallout art. Anyway, this is how I envision my character in Fallout Tactics, a fine game. It's a bit static in composition, cuz it started out as a doodle, but then I decided to finalize it. Otherwise I would've striven for a more action-packed pose. (8"x11", crappy Bic ink, my fave)
(2001.10.01) This is a project I did for my 2D design class. We've been cutting shapes out of black paper so far this year, so when we finally got to draw, I went berserk, and tried to be as creepy as possible. The scan's not great, and I took it before I erased all the pencil marks on the drawing, so forgive me. I just want you to get a general impression anyway. (5"x5", ink)
(2001.09.04) Here is a design I did for a possible t-shirt. I'm not totally happy with the text, but I think the inking and digital coloring turned out great.
This is Joseph P. Vaughn, someone I made up during my time in Florida, when I got bored in the hotel room. Pretty creepy, I'd say. It was a nice change of pace from the happy happy cartooning I usually do. I think it was slightly influenced by Vasquez, the man who draws Johnny the Homicidal Maniac and the Invader Zim show on Nickelodeon. I'm pretty pleased with how this sucker came out, one of my nicer "realistic" drawings.
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