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MAR Apr 2006
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Submitted by John P. (12/30/02)

So my buddy John sent me this trio of works he did in what looks like good ol' Paint, and well, they're not for the kiddies. John has a bit of a pre-occupation with Mr. Anex, because, well, let's say he had a large part in his creation way back when. AND THIS IS HOW HE PAYS ME BACK?! WITH VILE DISGUSTING FAN ART? Oh, the nerve! I've never received such complimentary insults in my life! Thank you, you wretch! I still have your copy of The Maxx! TAKE THAT!

Oh yeah, these pics are not for the average young'un, so um, please press your ID against the screen before clicking so I can make sure you're at least 16 or so.

Submitted by Chris the Gillikin (12/30/02)
E-mail him!
Chris sent these to me once in awhile over the course of the last six months, and I'm only now getting them up. His coloring skills are quite impressive, especially in the third piece of Grekka, which is probably my favorite. Thank you muchly for all your hard work and readership, Chris, 'tis appreciated immensely!




Still stuff from Chris!




Man, he's generous!

Submitted by Lise (12/30/02)
Human Remains
A gorgeous drawing of DB, his bro, and everyone's favorite female main character in the comic strip "Dragon Boy", Grekka! Go look at Lise's freaky-deaky website with some naughty naked people. THAT IS A DANGER ZONE.

Submitted by Sundragyn (12/30/02)

OH LORDY THE DRAGON BOY HAS NO PANTS THAT IS ILLEGAL. Good thing it only reveals his G-rated Disney crotch, and not the REAL crotch, which I assure you is far more traumatizing to see than this cute pic.














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