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2006.04.02- Hey friends. Student and Dementia is going to be completely online in a couple weeks! Then I will have no new comic updates. That is sad. I guess I'll throw some filler art up from time to time, but until I get a new comic series going (no immediate plans), that'll be that. I hope you all enjoyed yourself! Visit the Archives anytime, I must say there are some rather hilarious old strips I had almost forgotten making..

2005.08.17- The next chapter of my personal life has begun. I now like in Kagoshima prefecture in Japan, and will do so for a good long time. I'm gonna stop with the filler and just go S&D until the entire series is online. In the meantime, I'm trying to come up with another project to get started on. So many proto-ideas, just gotta find one and start fleshing it out.

In the meantime, however, should you ache for my particular brand of humor, I'm putting the hilarity of living in japan up on

2005.05.27- Well, my apologies to any of you folks that have been checking the site in the past few weeks and discovering the same exploding duck gondola piece! I thought I had prepared a few updates, but either I didn't actually upload them or Keenspace burped, and it didn't proceed to update. Then, with my actual graduation and subsequent trip to visit cousins in Seattle, I didn't have an opportunity to make sure everything was running smoothly at this site. So I've made some mods, and we should be returning to our weekly updates!

Also, it should be known that I'm going to be heading to Japan at the end of July to teach english for a year! I hope to start a livejournal/xanga blog thingie to record my adventures and the like, and hopefully I'll be able to equip this text area with the ability to accept an XSS feed, sending my blog entries directly to this area. If anyone has recommendations for which service to use (or to avoid) for my blogging needs, definitely let me know.

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